Development of a fast and responsive online tobacco store

About the project

Tobacco House is the official distributor of AMY products, which allows their customers not to worry about the quality of hookahs and accessories they sell, as well as their components. The company has an offline outlet, which is the main source of income.

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Ukraine, Kharkiv

Term of execution (with edits):

4 months

Goals and objectives:

- To develop a fast and adaptive online store from scratch;
- To provide technical support for the first month after the website launch.

  • CMS: Laravel
  • Term of implementation: 4 months
  • Speed (desktop): 90+

Product Catalog

The product catalog page is the most visited page in the search results. Therefore, it was important and necessary to make a convenient working filter and show all the necessary information on the card preview.

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Product Card

On this page you can find a detailed description and characteristics of this product. There are also blocks “Similar products” (products from this category are pulled up randomly) and “People buy with this product”.

Shopping cart and checkout

On the checkout page, you can manage the quantity of goods, if necessary, remove some items from the cart, fill in contact information (for authorized users, contact information is pulled up automatically), it is possible to choose a delivery method (when choosing the “New mail” delivery method, information about cities and branches is pulled up from the Nova Poshta API).

Other pages

1) Product comparison page:

On this page you can compare the features of the selected products.

2) Wishlist page:

If you like any products and you are an authorized user, you can add them to the “Wish List” tab and purchase them at any time.

3) Personal account:

The customer page where you can view your order history and edit your profile.

4) Blog:

People most often come to this page with a specific question, and since 100% of the questions will arise when buying goods in this niche, it was decided that the blog page should be present on the site. The article cards are implemented with a slider so that the page is not too large, and the user can find the answer to his question.

Custom development of the admin panel

The following pages were created to manage the content part of the site:

  •  “Orders” is a list of orders with information about the customer, selected products, with the ability to manage the status of the product. There is a filtering of orders by status.
  • “Registered customers” is a list of customers who have their own personal account.
  • “Categories” is the ability to manage product categories.
  • “Attributes” is the ability to manage product characteristics.
  • “Products” – the ability to add, delete, copy, edit information about a product.
  • “Menu” is the ability to manage menu items (top and bottom).
  • “Blog” – managing articles (adding, deleting, editing, the possibility of delayed publication).
  • “Text pages” – manages the main pages on the site (such as About Us, Home, Product Card, etc.).
  • “Settings” – contact information and links to the company’s social networks.
  • “Administrators” – managing users of the admin panel and their roles.
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Site development cost
Online shop

Standard works:

  • Creating clickable prototypes (high fidelity wireframes);
  • Writing the terms of reference;
  • Working out commercial and technical factors;
  • Development of a competent SEO structure;
  • UX/UI-design;
  • Secure migration to a new domain;
  • Audit of the content part of the website;
  • Audit of the site's link mass and competitors;
  • Adding a website to the Google Search Console;
  • Detailed elaboration of the product card;
  • Connection of online payment (LiqPay);
  • Testing (after each stage);
  • Personal account;
  • Meeting the Google 90+ website loading speed requirements for mobile and desktop;
  • Filling up to 10 pages with your content;
  • Setting up Google Analytics;

You will receive a bonus:

  • Basic SEO optimization;
  • Transferring a website to hosting;
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS);
  • Website support for 1 month is FREE;
  • A content management system based on the selected CMS (admin panel);
  • Consultation on further website promotion on the Internet;
  • Training on how to work with the website (instructions + online call).

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