Development of an online hats store with a loading speed of 97+ for mobile by Page Speed

About the project

SHELA™ is a manufacturer of hats for children. Before the creation of a full-fledged Internet store in our agency, the client had an outlet on Barabashovo market and a website on (wholesale of goods). Later, the customer decided to expand the range and sell not only hats for children, but additionally clothing, and hats for men and women, both in retail and wholesale.



Due date (with edits):

20.11.20 - 19.11.2021

Goals and objectives:

- Create a website with all the convenient features for wholesalers.
- Combine the functionality of wholesale and retail.
- MobileFirst design and development.
- Gather semantics, create a structure, recommendation on the technical part of the site.
- Competitive analysis.
- Creation of terms of reference.

  • CMS: OpenCart
  • Due date: 1 рік
  • Speed (desktop): 97+

Communication with the client and competitor analysis

After communicating with the client and understanding their needs, we studied the competitive sites, we found on this topic. We came up with the best functional solutions to offer to the client for their implementation. At this stage, it was decided to create a personal account for wholesalers with a number of functional features.

SEO in the design stage

From the very beginning, the site was designed considering SEO requirements. The designer coordinated all decisions with the SEO specialist. If the ideas of a “”user-friendly page”” and “”a good page for search robots”” differed, we searched for a solution that suited everyone.

In addition to the solutions we agreed upon at the design stage, we took into account other technical nuances. The site is large, and the development of a new version inevitably changes its structure, layout, the order of blocks on the page, change landing pages for queries.

It was important to keep the site positions and provide the possibility for their growth, so with all such changes it was necessary to minimize the risk of errors. Appearance of duplicate pages was controlled, redirects, subdomains, internal optimization on landing pages, and so on were checked.

Visual structure
Headings for pictures:
– Primary structure
– Finalized structure ( including SEO during the development stage)

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case-picture case-picture
Technical specifications and requirements for the site

We wrote out all the solutions we found, which were not discussed in the first stages of the work, created a list of questions, and after discussing them with the client we identified the necessary functionality. After the discussion, we wrote the technical specifications along with the development of prototypes.

Prototype development

We started with the mobile version of the site, which was the basis for all the other screen sizes. At first, we worked out the product catalog and the product card, since they are the most convertible pages. Then developed the home page, personal account, and various internal pages.
In the end, we received a clickable prototype which was approved by the client.

Page Design

After rendering the prototype pages, we approved the overall design concept and implemented it on all internal pages. Apart from the creative component, we also worked out the logical structure of the web pages, and the usability of the site (the usability part).

We transmitted a sense of warmth and comfort through design. Entering the site, users understand that the company makes its products with love for both adults and children.

case-picture case-picture case-picture case-picture case-picture
The layout and implementation of the site

An adaptive layout for different screen resolutions was implemented.

The site is based on CMS – Opencart, with custom development of the required functionality. In site development, the requirements of SEO were considered at the stage of development (for example, quality implementation of the product filter with landing pages for each filter).

  • A quick search on the site was completed.
  • Convenient checkout and online payment for orders via Liqpay were adjusted.
  • The administration panel was cleaned of unnecessary functions and adjusted to the customer’s requirements for a more convenient administration of the site.
  • Implementation of the make-up and backend parts of the site was carried out considering the increased demands on the speed of loading.
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Loading speed

A complex of works on the optimization of the loading speed of the site was carried out.
As a result, we got high Google Page Speed Insights (for mobile 95-97 out of 100, for desktop 99-100 out of 100).

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Site development cost
Online shop

Standard works:

  • Creating clickable prototypes (high fidelity wireframes);
  • Writing the terms of reference;
  • Working out commercial and technical factors;
  • Development of a competent SEO structure;
  • UX/UI-design;
  • Secure migration to a new domain;
  • Audit of the content part of the website;
  • Audit of the site's link mass and competitors;
  • Adding a website to the Google Search Console;
  • Detailed elaboration of the product card;
  • Connection of online payment (LiqPay);
  • Testing (after each stage);
  • Personal account;
  • Meeting the Google 90+ website loading speed requirements for mobile and desktop;
  • Filling up to 10 pages with your content;
  • Setting up Google Analytics;

You will receive a bonus:

  • Basic SEO optimization;
  • Transferring a website to hosting;
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS);
  • Website support for 1 month is FREE;
  • A content management system based on the selected CMS (admin panel);
  • Consultation on further website promotion on the Internet;
  • Training on how to work with the website (instructions + online call).

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