Promotion of online stores

- Average CRR is 3.2%
- Payback on advertising in 2 months
- We conduct free express audits of advertising offices and websites for new project growth points.

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About the service

The possibility of getting traffic and website sales with the help of digital tools specifically for online stores. We use such promotion tools as organic promotion (SEO), contextual advertising (PPC), target advertising, WEB-analytics and UX/UI-analysis. Thanks to the proper promotion your online store can become an independent sales channel for the company.

Services that may be included:
  • Google Shopping
    Google Shopping Cost: from $300

    One of the most effective sales growth tools for online stores

    • A bright image of your product will catch the attention of buyers;
    • The price of the order attraction is now 2-3 times lower than in typical search advertising campaigns;
    • Increase in sales at once (dozens of orders per day);
    • Data is updated on a daily basis, or with the required frequency.
  • Dynamic remarketing
    Dynamic remarketing Cost: from $240

    Ability to show ads to customers with products they were interested in on the site.

    • Personalized ads with products that users have been interested in before;
    • Interaction with a warm audience;
    • The ability to customize different scenarios depending on user behavior;
  • Contextual advertising
    Contextual advertising Cost: from $420

    Paid advertising in Google for fast growth of sales

    • Promotion of goods with already established demand;
    • Rapid growth of traffic, the generation of leads, and increase brand awareness;
    • Work with a "warm" audience;
    • No need to wait for the indexing of the site to start your site being seen by users.
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  • Targeted advertising (Target)
    Targeted advertising (Target) Cost: from $420

    Paid social media advertising only to your desired audience

    • Promotion of new products that have not yet formed a demand;
    • The ability to run ads only on those ones, whom you have chosen, detailed settings on the interests;
    • Work on the "cold" audience;
    • The ability to run ads without a site and receive applications within a week.
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  • SEO-promotion
    SEO-promotion Cost: from $ 600

    Органічне просування вашого сайту попадання в ТОП-3,10 за 4-6 місяців

    • The growth of traffic on your site;
    • Getting into the top 3.10 of search results, consequently, more potential customers;
    • The cost of attracting customers is lower compared to paid methods of promotion;
    • Clients will find your site in search results even after the SEO-work is stopped;
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  • WEB/BI-analytics
    WEB/BI-analytics Cost: from $210

    Identification of key points of growth of your advertising efficiency

    • Assessment of the quality of traffic and the economic component of advertising campaigns;
    • Identification of non-target and targeted search queries;
    • Identification of ineffective advertising campaigns;
    • Checking the text and graphic part of the ads;
    • Recommendations for improving ad performance.
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Why is it better to use comprehensive promotion?

For any website or online store, comprehensive promotion gives a better effect than separate tools using.
For this reason, we have combined several services into one "" complex website promotion "" for maximum effectiveness.

Your business has just appeared and you aim to develop it

You are a young brand that has an online store with many ideas for specific purposes. You do not know which service is better to use at the moment, as the digital market is full of interesting ideas and various promotion channels for your business. It takes time and money to understand the promotion tools, and using them incorrectly can lead to ineffective consequences. We understand if a business is still "new" and has not managed to take a certain share of the market, it is quite difficult for it to maintain its competitiveness. That's why you need to trust experienced experts who have more than 100 eCommerce projects under their belt and know how to get around the pitfalls correctly without harming your business.

You want to advertise and sell your online store

You have a complex niche and your competitors have already taken the highest positions in the search. You do not understand how to compete with such sites, how to reach the top, how to increase the amount of traffic and sales accordingly.

You do not have enough customers and you want to attract a new audience

You had run ads before, but the result did not please you. Now you are looking for an agency that can work within the KPIs you have set.

6 reasons to choose Imaris
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    We gift 10 000 UAH

    When you order contextual advertising we give 10 000 UAH on your Google Ads account

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    7+ years in the IT market

    We are the official certified partner of Google and Meta (Facebook), so we have the possibility to test beta functions of advertising systems

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    LTV> 3 years

    90% of satisfied clients who work with us and recommend us to others

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    Analytics of any complexity

    Google Tag Manager, Enhanced E-commerce Google Analytics, and Merchandise Feed

  • reason-ico
    We work under NDA

    Everything is official, all your data is legally protected

  • reason-ico
    Payback within 2 months

    Before starting cooperation we make a forecast of the results so that you understand what to expect from the advertising

eCommerce Promotion Results
Complex In 1 year, ROI reached 9791% for the online store of clothing and shoes
  • Income growth:
    1,5 times
  • CPA decrease by:
  • Reached ROI:
Complex Increase in conversions by 159% during quarantine for Mitsubishi car dealer
  • Increase in conversions by
  • Decrease of CPC by
  • Decrease of CPO by
Compex ROI growth of 593% in 1.5 years for an online travel equipment store
  • ROI growth by:
  • Reduction of CPA to:
  • Increase in the average check by:
Online store promotion cost
Turnkey SEO promotion

Standard works:

  • Analysis of the topic;
  • Internal optimisation (technical audit, work with website structure and content);
  • Working out technical factors;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External website optimisation (building up the link profile);
  • Analysis of the results and preparation of recommendations;
  • Dynamic report in Data Studio on the return on investment.

You will receive a bonus:

  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics;
  • Increase the conversion rate of website landing pages;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Fast project launch within 3 business days;
  • Growth of positions in key queries;
  • Increased traffic and reduced cost of customer acquisition.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget


Standard works:

  • Analysis of the topic, competitors and target audience;
  • Google Shopping;
  • Dynamic remarketing on Facebook/Instagram;
  • Web analytics;
  • Optimisation of advertising campaigns;
  • Analysis of the results and preparation of recommendations;
  • Development of creatives from 2 sets in 2 sizes (square and page);
  • Development of creatives from 2 sets of 10 sizes;
  • Dynamic report in Data Studio on the profitability of marketing channels.

You will receive a bonus:

  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics and Facebook pixel systems;
  • Early access to testing beta functions of advertising systems;
  • Recommendations for increasing the conversion rate of website landing pages;
  • Recommendations for promotional offers;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Fast project launch within 3 business days.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget

Comprehensive digital-marketing

Standard work:

  • Analysis of topics, competitors and target audience;
  • Internal optimization (technical audit, work with the site structure and content);
  • Technical factors study;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External optimization (link building profile);
  • Development of an effective advertising strategy for Google Ads and Facebook Ads;
  • Search advertising campaign;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Remarketing/dynamic remarketing;
  • Google Shopping + Smart;
  • Creatives development from 2 sets of 10 sizes each (for Google Ads);
  • Creatives development from 2 sets in 2 sizes (for Facebook Ads);
  • A monthly dynamic report in Data Studio by KPI.

The bonus you get:

  • Setup and installation of Google Tag Manager, Enhanced E-commerce Google Analytics and Feed, to run Google product campaigns;
  • 10 000 UAH to your Google Ads account (only for new accounts);
  • Increasing the conversion of the landing pages of the site;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Rapid launch of the project within 3 working days.

*Price is for agency work, not including advertising budget

Complex Digital-audit

Standard work:

  • Site audit;
  • Audit of social networks;
  • Analytics of user data;
  • Audit of advertising campaigns in Google Ads/Facebook Ads;
  • A report on the profitability of marketing channels and recommendations on how to improve the results.

The bonus you will receive:

  • Recommendations on how to increase the conversion of the landing pages of the site;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • A rapid project launch within 3 business days.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget

Running ads already?

Order an audit and get recommendations to cut costs

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Do you have terms of reference?

If you already have a ready ToR for your project with all the necessary information, send it to us and we estimate the work.

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How will our work proceed?
1 Getting to know each other and filling out a brief
  • Discussing of the project and determining the main tasks of your business that need to be solved;
  • Filling out the brief for a preliminary estimate;
  • Offline/online meeting to agree on project requirements + define key performance indicators;
  • Signing the contract and making 100% prepayment to start the work.
2 A separate team for your project
  • Business development manager deals with your project, knows all the features of your business, constantly keeps you informed of all the work on the project, coordinates the work of specialists;
  • Specialist of contextual advertising configures and launches advertising, pre-analyzes your competitors, your audience, and prepares a strategy for further paid promotion;
  • Specialist on targeted advertising adjusts and launches ads, preliminarily analyzes your competitors, your audience and prepares a strategy for further paid advertising;
  • WEB/BI-analyst conducts a complete analysis of the market and your niche, analyzes the visibility of your competitors, identifies competitive advantages, determines the effectiveness of advertising channels;
  • Designer knows how to make creatives attractive and convertible for maximum results.
3 Project launch
  • Analyzing your project;
  • Analyzing of the product;
  • Analyzing the target audience;
  • Selecting the appropriate tools;
  • Developing a promotion strategy;
  • Analyzing your site;
  • Providing a list of recommendations for the site to increase conversions;
  • Setting up analytics or conduct an audit of existing analytics;
  • Setting up advertising campaigns according to the plan made;
4 Regular tasks after the launch of the project
  • Analyze the results of the launch;
  • Make adjustments according to the results;
  • Launch remarketing;
  • Training the Google algorithms with the help of correctly generated conversions;
  • Generating the required number of conversions for launching intelligent strategies;
  • Switching ad campaigns to smart bidding strategies depending on business goals.
5 Optimization and scaling
  • Analyzing the results regularly;
  • Creation of new advertising campaigns;
  • Testing the effectiveness of various tools;
  • Making adjustments based on competitors' activities and seasonal demand;
  • Minimizing the price of conversion;
  • Givingrecommendations for budget changes;
  • Giving recommendations on connecting additional promotion channels.
6 Monthly report in dynamic form
  • A user-friendly interface and synchronization with Google Analytics, and, if necessary, with other services (call tracking, etc.);
  • The ability to monitor the results 24/7;
  • Comparative histograms to visualize the results;
  • Distribution of traffic by its source (which advertising campaign gave the best results);
  • The report contains all the metrics you need to assess the effectiveness of our work.
Frequently Asked Questions
When will I see the result of the promotion of the online store?

In the case of paid channels (contextual and targeted advertising) the result in the form of applications and sales will be visible immediately. The first results will be seen 2-3 months after the start of cooperation with you during SEO promotion of the online store.

Why is better to work with you for the promotion of my online store, rather than take a staff member?

Cooperating with us you get a team of highly qualified specialists in different areas, who work on your project and have a higher level of competence than an in-house specialist.

What is the cost per click in Google Shopping?

The price per click was from 0,01 UAH when we started in 2018, now it is rapidly growing, and in some niches it is already higher than in search.

What affects the cost of comprehensive promotion?

- geography of coverage;
- the complexity of the topic;
- the number of categories ( the range of goods);
- the current position of the site;
- the quality of the communication profile;
- the presence of STP in the ad;
- the correctness of the writing and design of landing pages.

Can I make my own edits and control my advertising campaigns?

We understand that you want to be as involved in your project as possible. Just keep in mind that a large number of approvals will only reduce the efficiency of our work and increase its cost, because the specialist will need to spend twice as much time.

How many sales will I get?

If you don't have any historical data of your account and statistics of your website analytics we can't predict the number of sales within the given budget. We can only give average data based on Google statistics for your niche.

What guarantees do you give for the promotion of your online store?

If during the optimization of the site we face a force majeure (technical features, which do not allow you to implement all our changes or require a significant time for implementation), we stop the work, inform you about the details, refund the payment, review the work plan and agree on further action.

I have not found an answer to my question

If you still have not found an answer to your question, fill in an application on our website or write us email and our manager will contact you shortly/

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