In 6 months calls increased twice for an online store of lighting equipment

About the project

Online store of lamps and chandeliers TM PRIDE has 2 branches in Kharkov and Kyiv. The main activity is focused on the wholesale and retail trade of lighting products. The Pride Light online store catalog includes both classic crystal chandeliers and modern lamps in different styles. The target audience of the store are interior designers, project implementers and design studios.

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Period for analysis:

01.01.2021 - 01.07.2021

Goals and objectives:

1. Increase the number of calls by 45%
2. Increase income by 30%

Results in 6 months:
  • Increase in calls by 115%
  • Reduced cost per call by 35,2%
Project Features:

Since the client set general promotion goals, we independently determined key performance indicators and deduced specific KPIs that were formed based on working with a similar niche on other projects to determine the growth dynamics of indicators.

The nuance in the work was that despite the fact that this is an E-commerce project, the main part of orders comes through a call (but not placing an order through the cart), because when buying additional consultation is necessary and it should be taken into account when setting up advertising campaigns. Consequently, the fulfillment of the “income” goal was taken to the background, since the main goal was determined to be calls, their number significantly exceeded the number of transactions.

Getting started

The Google Analytics system was set up firstly, it tracked the entire order funnel and the necessary goals, as well as the collection of remarketing audiences, for the subsequent use in remarketing campaigns.

Taking into account the specifics of the project, Ringostat call tracking was customized and connected.

The launch of advertising began with setting up Brand and DSA campaigns by priority categories of the site in order to determine the demand and effective user requests to use them in search campaigns. We also set up a standard Shopping campaign. As the statistics on conversions accumulated, we switched to Smart campaigns.

Benefits of contextual advertising
Optimization and scaling

Detailed optimization of advertising campaigns was carried out for calls and transactions. The semantic core was regularly checked for expansion to find new target visitors, as well as to increase warm and cold audiences, depending on the query segments. As the goal of optimization in advertising campaigns the “call” goal was used , thereby reducing the cost per contact.

We regularly monitored the dynamics of changes in the number of orders and the dynamics of changes in the price for calls. The increase in the achievement of goals is 115%, keeping the cost of advertising. At the same time, the cost of a call decreased by 35.2%.

case-picture case-picture

Based on the “number of days before conversion” report, a decision was made to launch a Remarketing campaign, because more than 20% of appeals come 12-90 days after the first visit to the site, and we were not mistaken, the ROI of this campaign is 427%.

case-picture case-picture

Also, to increase brand awareness and attract new users to the site, the following was launched:
– GDN (Context and Display Network)
– Youtube
In media advertising, we used different variations of creatives, and ultimately determined that the result is shown by branded banners and banners with products presented on the site which change due to trends.

In YouTube campaigns, we launched ads with promotional videos of the store and a popular product from the site with a duration of 30 seconds in order to increase the recognition of the store and warm up the audience before buying. In addition to direct analysis, the effectiveness of these campaigns was additionally tracked using a report on assisted conversions, the total share of which is almost 12% of the total.


In working with the project, the main thing is to determine our goals at the start of work, based on the goals to competently build a promotion strategy, as well as implement the strategy through advertising campaigns with appropriate optimization goals. To achieve maximum efficiency of advertising in each topic the main thing is to determine the metrics by which advertising will be optimized. By adjusting to the specifics of the topic we managed to form a high-quality audience, for which adjustments were made, and it led to an increase of transactions and income.

To sum up, we can say that the goals of the project were met, we managed to increase the number of calls by 115%, while the cost per call decreased by 35.2%. In achieving the result we were also helped by the fact that the project has other sources of traffic, these are targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram and Google organic search. Client involvement is of great importance when promoting a project. The client actively implemented our recommendations, promptly answered the questions, helped in the preparation of the USP for advertisements, with the selection of relevant products that are in high demand. While working in one team with the client, you will always get a result that satisfies both parties.

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Cost of targeted advertising
Online shopping

Standard works:

  • Analysis of the topic;
  • Internal optimisation (technical audit, work with website structure and content);
  • Working out technical factors;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External website optimisation (link building);
  • Analysis of the results and preparation of recommendations;
  • Dynamic report in Data Studio on the return on investment.

You will receive a bonus:

  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics;
  • Increase the conversion rate of website landing pages;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Launch of the project within 3 working days;
  • Growth of positions in key queries;
  • Increased traffic and reduced cost of customer acquisition.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the media budget

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