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We do our best to increase your profits - quickly, smoothly, in a strong team where unique ideas are born every day.

Foundation date: August 21, 2015
Company mission: To increase our clients' profits in the shortest possible time
Company rules and principles:
  • Our clients are our friends and we are ready to help them.
  • Deep immersion in the client's business. We study everything to the smallest detail and ask the necessary questions to properly and, most importantly, profitably present the client's company on the Internet.
  • We strive to be as efficient as possible in spending the advertising budget and control every cent.
  • We are committed to long-term relationships with our clients, so most companies have been using our services for several years.
  • We have more than 20 qualified specialists who regularly improve their skills at courses, marathons, trainings, giving speeches and organizing conferences.
  • We love animals, so you can always come to our office with your pet.
Our achievements
  • 7+ years on the market and 350+ completed projects;
  • We are an official certified partner Google and Facebook;
  • eCommerce specialization: 85% of our clients are online stores of various fields and scales;
  • LTV> 3 years: 90% of satisfied customers who work with us and recommended to others;
  • We develop only SEO-optimized and fast websites: 90+ для mobile and desktop by Page Speed;
  • We are among the TOP-15 SEO-companies in Kharkiv according to It-Rating;
  • We are among the TOP-20 best contextual advertising agencies according to Ringostat Rating;
  • We are among the TOP-10 best SMM agencies according to the Ukrainian Digital Awards;
  • We are a premium partner of Ringostat (call tracking platform);
  • We manage $60k+ advertising budget per month on Google and $8k+ on Facebook.
Foundation history

Hi, everyone! My name is Vladislav Pertiazhko and I am the owner of Imaris Digital Company. I really love what I do, so I spend 75% of my time working, and as they say, "Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life" is completely true for me.

I regularly attend a large number of different conferences, seminars, trainings, business communities on marketing and promotion, studied Digital-marketing at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, studied "Digital Media for Business" at the Baggage School of Marketing and Communications, studied "Marketing. PR. Digital" at the Higher School of Communications, and I am a member of the all-Ukrainian business community "Board". Also I'm always open to new partnerships, communication, new business connections and creative ideas.
How did it all start? In 2005, after struggling to find contractors through newspaper ads, I created a startup called Kharkiv Wedding Portal svadba.kharkov.ua. The portal was used by representatives of the Kharkiv wedding market. I promoted it myself using SEO and contextual advertising. The portal's clients saw the growth of the project and asked me and my spouse Diana to promote their websites. That's how the first SEO and PPC clients appeared even before the agency was officially established. The so-called "word of mouth" worked, friends of our clients came to us for promotion services, and not only representatives of the wedding and event industry, but also representatives of other businesses became the agency's clients. 2009 was the beginning of the agency business. The 4 co-owners ( I was one of them) organized a web studio called "Where is the Studio". It was during this period that the first clients appeared, who turned to us as an agency, and some of them are working with me till today. Later, Where is the Studio split up and each of us went our separate ways. My path led me to Imaris agency. This is the business that my team and I work on developing every day.
What explains the name? This word is a neologism, derived from the agency's main specialization - Internet marketing. You may notice that the initial letters in the agency's name stand for Internet marketing, and the suffix "is" means "is". To summarize, Imaris is Internet marketing. Did I think about the name for a long time? Yes, I did. I wanted to develop a name that would 100% reflect the company's specialization, so that it would not be difficult to pronounce, and would sound appropriate in different languages. Since it was preferable to use the site's domain in English, the company name was Imaris.
How do we work?
  • work-ico 1. Determine the main tasks of your business that need to be solved.
  • work-ico 2. Analyze your business and target audience. During the analysis, we identify possible growth points.
  • work-ico 3. Develop a strategy for solving your business problems and select effective tools and advertising channels.
  • work-ico 4. Define key performance indicators and set up transparent analytics.
  • work-ico 5. Launch the project.

Web development: 100+ websites and designs created

Internet marketing: 250+ projects have increased sales

Clients who trust us
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