Site development for a mineral water producer in 1 month

About the project

Berezovsky mineral water plant is one of the largest mineral water producers in Ukraine.
Production is located not far from the source. Such location gives the maximum efficiency of the production process and allows preserving all natural characteristics of mineral water. Mineral water is bottled at seven high-capacity automatic lines. Every year ""Berezovskaya"" mineral water is chosen by more and more new consumers.


Ukraine, Kharkov

Application time (with changes):

November 2021 - December 2021

Goals and Objectives:

- Develop a site that could attract a younger audience;
- Create an interface that is both intuitive and user-friendly for users of all ages;
- Use unique solutions with branded elements in the design;
- Make the site adaptive for all resolutions.

  • CMS: WordPress
  • Due date: 4 months
  • Speed (desktop): 94+

Basic SEO optimization

- Before working with us the company had another website, so after the development of a new site, one of our main tasks was to set up redirects and transfer link mass.
- Site optimization was done in accordance with the requirements of Google - robots.txt and sitemap.xml were set up, and the mirror of the site was made.
- Development of a competent structure based on the frequency of requests. Full semantics was not collected, as the client wanted basic optimization.
- In order to make the text on the pages well indexed, it was placed in blocks, and it led to good results.

Why is SEO for website development?
Terms of Reference

At different stages of the development of a corporate website different members of the team get involved in the process and to make up the right TOR, you need to initially understand which stages the development consists of and which specialists are responsible for each step.

In the technical specification, our Project Manager prescribed all the requirements, functionality, and timing for the development of the project. Then we coordinated all the nuances with the client and set to work.


A good prototype is 50% of the key to success. Here it was important to take into account all the logic of the movement of the user who enters the site. We developed an interactive prototype and the customer was able to see the future site “live”.

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We tried to design the main page so that it reflected the direction of the company, and the visitor could easily find any information and easily go to the required section.

The design was made in light shades for an easier perception so that the pages do not look overloaded. A block of company news with interesting and useful information for the visitor was implemented as well.

Loading speed

A set of works on the optimization of the loading speed of the site was carried out. As a result, the high performance of Google Page Speed Insights was achieved.

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Cost of SEO promotion
Corporate website

Standard works:

  • Creating clickable prototypes (high fidelity wireframes);
  • Writing the terms of reference;
  • Consideration of commercial and technical factors;
  • Development of a competent SEO structure;
  • UX/UI-design;
  • Secure migration to a new domain;
  • Audit of the content part of the website;
  • Audit of the website's link mass and competitors;
  • Adding a website to the Google Search Console;
  • Working with trust triggers;
  • Testing (after each stage);
  • Personal account;
  • Meeting the Google 90+ website loading speed requirements for mobile and desktop;
  • Filling up to 10 pages with your content;
  • Setting up Google Analytics;

You will receive a bonus:

  • Basic SEO optimization;
  • Transferring a website to hosting;
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS);
  • Website support for 1 month is FREE;
  • A content management system based on the selected CMS (admin panel);
  • Consultation on further website promotion on the Internet;
  • Training on how to work with the website (instructions + online call).

Complex In 1 year, ROI reached 9791% for the online store of clothing and shoes
  • Income growth:
    1,5 times
  • CPA decrease by:
  • Reached ROI:
Development Development of a fast and responsive online tobacco store
  • CMS:
  • Term of implementation:
    4 months
  • Speed (desktop):
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