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About the service

is a comprehensive work aimed at increasing your brand awareness through visual design of your website, social media, presentations, logo, corporate identity or banners. We create functional and aesthetic design for products, brands, packaging, and communication materials.

Services that may be included:
  • Logo development
    Logo development Cost: from $400

    Creating a unique logo that will help you stand out from the competition

    • Helps increase sales and attracts the attention of the audience - it is the first thing a consumer sees and remembers when getting acquainted with a brand;
    • Influences brand perception - 83% of buyers form an opinion about a product or service based on the logo's appearance. A well-designed logo can change the attitude towards a brand for the better;
    • Identifies the company and its products, distinguishes it from competitors;
    • Creates strong associations with the brand and builds trust among consumers;
    • Emphasizes and strengthens the company's message.
  • Development of corporate identity
    Development of corporate identity Price: from 200$

    Development of a harmonious and attractive image of the company with the help of corporate identity

    • Will create a harmonious and attractive image of the company, which will be clear to both employees and customers;
    • Will allow to use branded elements correctly and find their beneficial application, improve the internal corporate culture;
    • Combine all external brand communications, so that the client can easily identify your company;
    • It will help to unify the brand and make it more recognizable against competitors.
  • Web design
    Web design Cost: from $750

    We will make your business recognizable with a unique website design

    • Adaptability - no matter what device your site is viewed on, it will be displayed correctly;
    • Ease of use - if a customer easily finds the pages they need, navigates through the sections without any problems, and can get the information they need without the help of technical support, they are likely to become your regular customer;
    • Stylish design solutions to attract the attention of customers.
  • Usability audit (UX/UI)
    Usability audit (UX/UI) Cost: from $150

    Development of a convenient and intuitive interface for the website

    • Increase in website conversion;
    • Ease of use;
    • Reduced bounce rate, which means more trust from users;
    • Increase in the depth of page browsing;
    • Increase in the number of customers.
  • Development of presentations
    Development of presentations Cost: from 500$

    Development of a professional presentation with a unique turnkey design

    • The ability to impress both clients, partners who are just listening to you people, and competitors, in whose eyes you will become much more prestigious;
    • The key to the success of any presentation depends on the competent presentation of both textual and visual material;
    • Turnkey presentation for any event.
  • Development of banners
    Development of banners Price: from 50$

    We create modern and selling banners that help in the development of your web resource.

    • Will interest the client and arouse his interest in your product or service;
    • Create a motive to make a purchase or leave a request;
    • Make your brand memorable;
    • Form the image of the company and its associations;
    • Effectively inform about a promotion, news or event.
  • Design of social networks
    Design of social networks Price: from 100 $.

    Design of social networks to attract users

    • Keep the interest of old customers and attract new ones;
    • Create an image of an original and unique brand;
    • Make browsing your group a pleasant pastime for the user;
    • Demonstrate progressiveness and modern approach to business;
    • Strengthen the recognition of your corporate identity by using its elements for promotion on social media.
6 reasons to choose Imaris
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    We deliver on time

    We specify a specific date of project delivery in the contract

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    We help you stand out

    We analyze competitors to highlight your advantages against others

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    Reputable clients

    We have created an image for many large and well-known companies. 85% of our clients are online stores of various industries and sizes

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    We work under NDA

    Everything is official, all your data is under legal protection

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    UX/UI audit

    We design and draw a convenient and understandable website interface so that visitors perform the actions you need

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    We work for the result

    We will not finish the work until you are satisfied with the result

Do you already have a design?

Order an audit and get recommendations on how to make it more recognizable

get an audit
Do you have a technical task?

If you already have a ready-made technical task for your project with all the necessary information, send it to us and we will evaluate the work

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How will our work proceed?
1 Getting to know each other and filling in the brief
  • We discuss the project and identify the main tasks of your business that need to be solved;
  • Filling in the brief for preliminary assessment;
  • Offline/online meeting to discuss all the details and the final result you expect to receive;
  • Signing of the contract, which specifies the terms of performance, cost, payment schedule and responsibilities of the parties. You make a 50% advance payment and we start working.
2 A separate team for your project
  • Business development manager - deals with your project, knows all the features of your business, keeps you informed about all the work on the project, coordinates the work of specialists;
  • Designer - knows how to make creatives attractive and convertible to maximize results;
  • Marketer - based on the analysis of the target audience and your competitors, prepares references and ideas on how to stand out and be remembered in the eyes of users + writes the text part, if necessary.
3 Project launch
  • Development of 2-3 concepts;
  • Preparation of textual information if necessary;
  • Coordinate the concept with you and make adjustments, if necessary (first approval);
  • Development (layout) of other pages/slides according to the agreed concept;
  • Send it for the second approval.
4 Payment
  • You pay the second 50% for the development of the corporate identity/logo/presentation and get all the outputs in the required formats.
Why should I work with you instead of hiring a full-time employee?

By cooperating with us, you get a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields who work comprehensively on your project and have a total level of competence much higher than that of a full-time specialist.

What if I don't like the presentation you develop?

It all depends on the specifics of the brand. If you are planning to develop a corporate identity for a small business, we recommend the Logo + Corporate Identity package, which contains a basic set of identity elements: letterhead, business card, envelope, and pen lettering. For large businesses, we recommend the "Logo + Corporate Identity (extended)" package, which includes 22 corporate identity elements of your choice. Also, it is possible to change the elements of the identity by agreement with the customer. For more information, you can contact our manager and he will advise you.

Does the cost of corporate identity include logo development?

The cost of a corporate identity development service depends on how many elements it includes. We have several packages that are included in the creation of a logo. You choose a package depending on the goals you pursue. We can advise you on any issue and help you with the choice.

I did not find an answer to my question

If you still haven't found the answer to your question, leave a request on our website or write to us at and our manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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