Middle PPC – a specialist Remote work Full-time English level B2 is required

Imaris digital agency is looking for a highly qualified PPC specialist for a full-time position. First of all, we need an expert with deep knowledge of contextual and targeted (optional) advertising and an analytical mindset.

What do we offer?

– Flexible work schedule (negotiable);

– Timely payment of salaries once a month (for 7 years, no payment has ever been delayed);

– Motivation system for all categories of employees;

– Opportunity for career growth;

– 50% of tuition fees for professional development;

– Paid vacation;

– Opportunity to attend/perform as a speaker at specialized events (optional);

– Interesting projects and a friendly team;

– Open communication with management;

– Fun and memorable corporate events;

– Probationary period: 2 months.

Main tasks:

– Preparation of commercial proposals and media plans;

– Launching, maintaining and optimizing advertising campaigns in Google Ads (knowledge of Facebook Ads will also be an advantage);

– Audit of advertising campaigns;

– Launching and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns;

– Setting up goals with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics.

– Writing articles for the agency’s blog and social media, recording video tips for the agency’s channel;

– Preparation of monthly reports and recommendations on supervised projects;

Job responsibilities:

– Media planning and strategy development of advertising campaigns – defining the goals of the advertising campaign to use the right and necessary tools. planning the advertising budget;

– Ability to achieve KPI indicators (minimum price in the TOP, reaching a given profitability, CPA, ROI, cost per lead, DRR, etc;)

– Manage clients’ advertising campaigns in various niches (experience in eCommerce projects is desirable);

– Selecting keywords and creating effective ads;

– Audit of advertising accounts;

– Reporting in Data Studio, Excel, Google Sheets;

– Setting up, launching, optimizing advertising campaigns in Google Ads:

— Text and Display ads in Search and PPC campaigns;

— Google Shopping;

— YouTube advertising;

— DSA campaigns;

— Dynamic remarketing;

— Remarketing in the Display Network;

— Look-alike campaigns;

— Search remarketing;

— Setting up and running Smart Campaigns;

— Campaigns in Gmail;


– Desire and ability to continuously learn quickly and deepen experience in contextual advertising;

– Availability of certificates in Google Ads, Google Analytics;

– Knowledge of GTM and Google.Analytics;

– At least 2 years of experience as a contextual/media advertising manager on the agency side (more contextual);

– Experience in managing more than five contextual advertising projects simultaneously;

– Experience in managing advertising campaigns with a budget of >$3000 UAH for one client;

– Competent oral and written communication (Ukrainian and English);

– Excel knowledge only at the level of an advanced user;

– Multitasking skills;

– Ability to achieve results;

– Sociability and positive attitude;

– Punctuality, responsibility, accuracy, attentiveness, commitment;

– Ability to write advertising texts with a call to conversion.

Candidates will have the advantage of:

– Experience with targeted advertising on Facebook/Instagram;

– Experience with Google Optimizer and Google Data Studio;

– Absence of nicotine addiction;

– Professional sports in the past;

Get acquainted with us and learn more:

http://imaris.ua/ – website

https://www.facebook.com/imarisua/ – Facebook

https://www.instagram.com/imarisua/ – Instagram

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