Yulia Kolicheva

Online store owner

We received a significant increase in orders with a constant budget + the company’s willingness to support the business from start to finish

We have been cooperating with Imaris since February 2019. We work in a challenging B2B industry and contextual advertising on the Internet was not our main focus. Since we have been working with Imaris, we have seen significant results. The number of orders has increased, and the most interesting thing is that we did not even increase advertising costs. The agency’s specialists did not only set up our advertising, but also identified the main indicators that are very important for the business. They also sent us regular reports on all these indicators, and we could see exactly how much we spent and how many applications we received. Contextual advertising on the Internet is a really working tool for attracting customers. That’s why we want to recommend this agency to you, because these are guys who know their job and are ready to support your business from start to finish.

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