Comprehensive website promotion
Mikhaleva Ella

Marketer of the company "Barbaris"

Considering the positive cooperation with Imaris agency on PPC and Target, we can recommend them as a good contractor for business promotion on the Internet

With the quarantine in March 2020, Barbaris has chosen to prioritize online ordering and delivery, so we decided to turn to an agency that specializes in promoting businesses online. When choosing a company, it was important for us to have experience working with our niche.

On March 16, we started working with Imaris on paid promotion on Google and social media. The project development strategy was prepared in accordance with our wishes, but considering the needs of customers and the market. The manager who was in charge of our project was always competent in all the questions we had. Regular meetings were organized to discuss all the priority indicators for us.

Considering the positive cooperation with the agency, we can confidently recommend Imaris as a contractor to promote your business on the Internet.

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