Increased ROAS up to 3094% for an online sewing store

About the project - an online store of sewing equipment "Spool" has a fairly wide range of products, which includes sewing machines for home and professional-grade equipment, overlockers, sewing and embroidery equipment from leading world brands - Brother, Janome, Juki, Bernina, Singer, Minerva, Husqvarna and Pfaff, as well as sewing accessories and related products. The company has been selling sewing equipment since 2006 and has the largest network of sewing machine stores in Ukraine.

We started working on the project in early 2018, and targeted advertising had not been launched before. At that time, few people used dynamic advertising with a product catalog, so we were one of the first to use this tool for our clients.



Period for analysis:

December 2018 - May 2020

Goals and objectives:

- Increase the number of conversions from the site, using organic search and targeting
- Increase the visibility of the site in the Google search engine
- Inform users about current promotions and new products
- Attract customers to the store for repeat sales
- Increase activity and engagement on Facebook and Instagram

Results of 1.5 years:
  • Traffic growth by: 80%
  • Conversions increased by: 68%
  • ROAS: 3094,5
Project features:

1. The main difficulty is the rather high competitiveness of high-frequency queries, which can bring up to 60% of all traffic, and a simple hit on the 10th place, which is the first page, did not bring the necessary traffic.
2. The first lines of search results were occupied by large aggregators that collected all organic traffic. Thus, our main goal was to reach the TOP-3 after the site hit the TOP-10.

Launch of targeted advertising

In January 2018, we started working with the project by launching targeted advertising. Namely:

  • developed a strategy;
  • built a retargeting funnel;
  • developed a communication strategy;
  • set up the eCommerce module in Google Analytics;
  • set up event tracking on the website;
  • created a product catalog for dynamic advertising.
Which creatives worked?

After launching the first versions of creatives, we identified working versions of images, videos, and texts for our audience. For cold traffic, videos with reviews of offline stores worked best, so we introduced new users to the brand and told them in which cities they could come to our store. To work with warm traffic, we used dynamic remarketing with a product catalog.

Target brought the most conversions

With the help of remarketing, we returned to the site people who had already been on the site and did not make a purchase. We also brought back customers to the store for re-sale (cross-sell and up-sell). Then, depending on the stage of the retargeting funnel, we showed users different ads at different stages:

  • Users who visited the categories but did not visit a specific product card were shown dynamic carousels and product selections.
  • Visitors who were browsing product cards were shown ads with video or a single image.

Despite the fact that the majority of customers are women, emotional messages in the communication strategy worked worse than rational ones, which talked about the terms of purchase, delivery, and other specific benefits of buying in our online store. This is another reason to test all communication options with customers.

After 3 months of operation, the Facebook paid advertising channel took 1st place in the project in terms of conversions and revenue.

The CPA was $2.47, and the ROMI for January 2020 was 3923%.

Analysis of results and further actions

The analysis of advertising campaigns showed that about 70% of all transactions are made on mobile devices.


63% of conversions on computers also occurred after interacting with ads on mobile devices.


We also received results on the demographic data of our customers. With this data, we made breakdowns and adjustments in our advertising campaigns by device, gender, and age.


We received statistics on placement locations and removed placements that did not generate sales.

After we got a working model of advertising campaigns that bring us the necessary results within our KPIs, we decided to scale the result by increasing the budget and tracking new results.

Learn more about targeted advertising
Launching SEO

2 years after launching Target, we decided to start SEO-optimizing the site, as organic traffic is already warm and conversion to purchase is many times higher. Plus, the combination of Target + SEO worked great.

Let’s omit the typical work required to bring a website to the TOP 10, leaving only those that allowed you to grow to the top positions:

  1. We carried out work on internal linking, which allowed us to increase the static weight of pages important for the promotion.
  2. We adjusted the meta tags, during the testing we found the most optimal ones that allow the site to get a small ranking advantage.
  3. We additionally worked out the structure of the site. This allowed us to improve the ranking in different regions of Ukraine.
  4. We corrected the seo text block, changed its layout, and added structured elements.
  5. And, of course, we carried out a more extensive study of the link profile.
Advantages of organic promotion
Traffic growth influenced conversion growth

After the growth of high-frequency queries began, we began to see a significant increase in organic traffic and, as a result, an increase in conversions.

The chart below shows a comparison of traffic in 2019 and 2020 before and after the growth of positions. The organic growth was 80%. And the increase in conversions was 68%.

How do SEO and Target work together?

As you can see, the traffic growth was 78%, which increased revenue by 163%.

Graph of the growth of the number of words in the TOP 1-3 according to Ahrefs.


If you need sales "here and now", you should pay attention to paid promotion channels, such as targeted or contextual advertising. If you want to work for the future, so that the cost of attracting customers is cheaper, so that the most targeted traffic is attracted to your website, and you are in the top, then you should engage in SEO promotion. The more targeted queries you optimize for your business, the more traffic and sales you will get. With the help of a search engine, users search for the necessary things themselves, and accordingly, the conversion to purchase is higher. If your budget allows you to promote in a comprehensive manner, you can take into account the SEO+PPC/Target bundle, so you will communicate with potential customers on different platforms and attract the maximum amount of traffic to your website.

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Cost of targeted advertising
Complex Digital-audit

Standard work:

  • Site audit;
  • Audit of social networks;
  • Analytics of user data;
  • Audit of advertising campaigns in Google Ads/Facebook Ads;
  • A report on the profitability of marketing channels and recommendations on how to improve the results.

The bonus you will receive:

  • Recommendations on how to increase the conversion of the landing pages of the site;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • A rapid project launch within 3 business days.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget

Comprehensive digital-marketing

Standard work:

  • Analysis of topics, competitors and target audience;
  • Internal optimization (technical audit, work with the site structure and content);
  • Technical factors study;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External optimization (link building profile);
  • Development of an effective advertising strategy for Google Ads and Facebook Ads;
  • Search advertising campaign;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Remarketing/dynamic remarketing;
  • Google Shopping + Smart;
  • Creatives development from 2 sets of 10 sizes each (for Google Ads);
  • Creatives development from 2 sets in 2 sizes (for Facebook Ads);
  • A monthly dynamic report in Data Studio by KPI.

The bonus you get:

  • Setup and installation of Google Tag Manager, Enhanced E-commerce Google Analytics and Feed, to run Google product campaigns;
  • 10 000 UAH to your Google Ads account (only for new accounts);
  • Increasing the conversion of the landing pages of the site;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Rapid launch of the project within 3 working days.

*Price is for agency work, not including advertising budget

Turnkey SEO promotion

Standard works:

  • Analysis of the topic;
  • Internal optimisation (technical audit, work with website structure and content);
  • Working out technical factors;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External website optimisation (building up the link profile);
  • Analysis of the results and preparation of recommendations;
  • Dynamic report in Data Studio on the return on investment.

You will receive a bonus:

  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics;
  • Increase the conversion rate of website landing pages;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Fast project launch within 3 business days;
  • Growth of positions in key queries;
  • Increased traffic and reduced cost of customer acquisition.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget

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