Development of corporate identity for a brokerage company

About the project

ModyTrade is a group of experts in the field of brokerage support that teaches how to make money on the stock exchanges. The training courses provide clear rules for trading with minimal risks and good potential profits. This enables their clients to earn money instead of losing it. The client contacted us to design their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube social media channels to attract clients to the training.



Term of execution:

09.09.20 - 22.09.20

The task:

- To create a unique and memorable logo that would be associated with the financial exchange industry.
- Design social networks Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Number of items: 8
  • Time frame: 1 week
Project features:

Since it is not the company as a whole that is being promoted, but a team of professionals and educational products, we cannot be tied to the past corporate identity.

Market Analysis

Before we started our work, we analyzed the market and came to the conclusion that there are certain myths that many of us relate to trading, for example:

1) “Trading is too dangerous a business”. To begin with, any business is a risk, regardless of the type of activity. Trading is not suitable for everyone just because it is a type of business that is generally only suitable for people of a certain personality type. This does not mean that they have no fear. They know how to deal with it and calculate risks in advance. Therefore, this type of activity can be considered as dangerous as cross-stitching) If a person is prone to constant calculations, this type of business may be suitable for him or her.

2) “”Trading is an occupation only for men””. When our client was filling out the brief, he immediately noted the fact that their target audience is dominated by men, but this does not mean that only this segment of the population works in this area. For example: Clara Fears, who has been the head of the London Stock Exchange for 19 years and has made a profit of 1.5 million pounds a year in 25 years, and Carroll Gulley, who went from a librarian to a successful trader and manages a capital of $557 billion.

Why does a business need a corporate identity?
  • ModyTrade is clear, simple, open and transparent (we don’t promise palaces, millions or steamships).
  • Mody is the word for commodities, meaning goods that are actively resold on organised markets.

We noticed that all “competitive” companies use the symbolism of “going up”, for example:


1 graph – arrows going up;

4 graph – two arrows pointing upwards, with an offset to the centre;


Similarly, we analysed companies of the same type as Modi Trade, they also often use the symbols of “rising up” and “reliability, protection”, for example:


2 graph – arrows going up;

3 graph – logo with a lion, symbolising reliability;

5 graph – a ball with lines going up;

6 graph – style elements pointing upwards.

case-picture case-picture
Target audience

Brokers and ordinary people who want to learn how to trade the stock market

case-picture case-picture
Logo options
Client's preferences

There is such a concept among traders as “Bikers” (traders and investors who make money on price growth) and “Bears” (market participants who are confident in its decline).

The client wanted to reflect these phenomena in the logo. And, judging by the analysis, the bull was the right choice.

New logo

The typeface matches perfectly with almost any font, which is especially useful in today’s diverse content landscape. The wide line structure makes it easy to read small fonts, which is very important for mobile devices.

Social media design
  • Development of a new color scheme
  • Development and design of post templates for the feed (here it was important to have: The presence of a title for the post and the ability to add a picture from the Internet to the background)
  • Development and design of Highlights
  • Designing a cover and avatar for Facebook
  • Cover design for YouTube channel
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The cost of creative services
Logo development

  • Market and competitor analysis;
  • Development of corporate colours and graphic elements;
  • 3 logo concepts;
  • There are 2 corrections.

Corporate identity development

  • Market and competitor analysis;
  • Development of naming (if necessary);
  • 3 logo concepts;
  • There are 2 corrections;
  • Development of a corporate colour scheme;
  • Development of corporate identity elements (identity);

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