Conversion rate growth of 6.7 times in 1 year for a building materials manufacturer

About the project

Fiksator Plus is a manufacturer of protective layer clamps for reinforcement and a supplier of components for formwork systems.

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Period for analysis:

01.08.19 - 31.08.20

Goals and objectives:

- Increase the number of orders
- Increase the number of calls

Results for the year:
  • Conversions up: 6,7 times
  • Decrease in CPC by: 1,7 times
  • CPA reduction by: 3,4 times
Project features:

Before the start of cooperation, the company did not use contextual advertising, so the main task was to turn the contextual advertising channel into a stable source of orders.

Why is it worth working with low-frequency queries?

As a result of the first month of work, we received indicators that we could work on and optimize in the following months. To increase the number of conversions, we focused on two things:
- Improving the site's quality score;
- working on low-frequency queries.
Since there were a lot of target keywords with the status of "Low impressions", we created a dynamic search campaign (DSA). The results could be seen immediately, despite the fact that these changes took place during the seasonal decline in demand for this type of product.

Who needs advertising on Google?
How did we reduce CPC and conversion?

When launching search ads for this project, we used broad keyword match and broad match modifier. This type of match allowed us to show up for low-frequency queries.

We noticed that most of the traffic was taken by keywords related to clamps for rebar and related products for construction work, and a smaller part remained for keys related to different types of clamps. Therefore, we changed the structure of the account and divided the campaigns into clamps and related products such as: formwork, formwork pipe, woven mesh and HDPE wires. As we noticed that there were no successful orders, it was decided to stop advertising this type of product.
Also, to increase brand awareness and attract repeat users to the site, we launched
- GDN.
- Remarketing.

GDN was launched to a special audience by intent. A special audience by intent is users who are actively looking for goods or services. Based on account keywords, ads were shown to users who had previously searched for these products.

With the help of a remarketing campaign, we brought back users who had visited the site before. Not all users leave the application after the first touch, so displaying this type of ad increased the conversion rate.

There are 2 audiences in this campaign:
- Everyone who visited the site within 30 days
- Users similar to those who converted

Analysis of results

Over the course of a year, we managed to increase the number of conversions by 6.7 times with the same budget. The cost per click decreased by 1.7 times, and the cost per conversion decreased by 3.4 times.


In each topic, there are keywords with the status "Few queries" that are targeted for the company. There are two ways to show ads for these queries:
- Dynamic Search Advertising (Google searches for the keywords on the website pages itself)
- Low Cost strategy: displaying keyword ads in a wider range of keywords at a much lower bid than is required to display the main keyword on the first page.

For a dynamic search campaign, you will additionally need to carry out internal SEO optimization of the site, because the campaign independently searches for keywords on the pages specified in the campaign settings.

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