Increased ROI by 243.2% for a dental equipment website in 2 years

About the project

Dlux is a large company that sells dental materials and equipment.

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Period for analysis:

September 2017 - October 2019

Goals and objectives:

- Increase revenue from the website
- Bring new customers
- Increase brand awareness

Results for 2 years:
  • Profit growth by: 288%
  • Reduction of SAE by: 3,2 times
  • ROI growth by: 243,2%
Project features:

1. A dental clinic can purchase the entire range of necessary materials for work. Therefore, the company is focused on wholesale purchases, and customers who cooperate with them often return to them for repeat purchases. As a result, customers carefully choose the company with which they are going to cooperate and come to the site many times before making a purchase.
2. Strong brand. Google Analytics was installed on the site in 2012, but the site itself worked before that, with a starting traffic from organic search of 1500 users per month. The client is recognized by name, and there are many requests with branded supplements.

Start of work

At the first stage, our main task was to attract as many new users as possible who did not know about the company before. That's why we didn't use brand names when creating the account.
At the beginning of the work, we launched regular search advertising campaigns and dynamic search advertising. The search campaigns were segmented by brands of manufacturers represented on the website, product categories, and geography (we separated Kyiv from the rest of Ukraine in order to better control bids and monitor the transaction price). We also started collecting audience data for remarketing.
Prior to that, the account had advertising activity, so we can compare the results of our work with what happened before we started our cooperation.

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Results of the first 2 months of operation

Let’s compare the results of August 2017 with the results of October 2017. The start of work was in early September. In September, we made changes to the account and made basic settings that brought results in October.

We focused on two main characteristics: total revenue (according to Google Analytics) and the share of advertising costs (SAC).


Based on the first graph, we can see that the number of new users increased by 135.65%. This is very important for a project that wants to scale.

Most of the revenue was generated by transactional high-frequency queries and companies with manufacturer brands. A dynamic advertising campaign allowed us to cover low-frequency semantics.

Advertising revenue grew by 27.4%, while expenses decreased by 8.1%, DRR = advertising expenses / advertising revenue * 100%.

case-picture case-picture case-picture
"'Low queries' problem"

We continued to optimize the account, and the results gradually became better.

The warmest (ready-to-buy) audience searches for the store by the names of specific product models. The assortment of the company is very wide, but at the same time highly specialized, so the converting queries are very low-frequency. Keys were constantly appearing in the account, which Google marked as “few queries” and did not start showing ads.

A dynamic search campaign should solve this problem. But we faced the fact that product cards are well filled out, and product categories often don’t even have seo texts. For dynamic search advertising, good search engine optimization of the site is extremely important, otherwise the effect of it will be limited.

The turning point came when we tried the so-called low cost strategy. The essence of the strategy is to create groups with fairly high-frequency keywords in a broad match, and set the CPC much lower than the main keyword needs to compete. Thus, impressions are initiated mainly for similar queries, including the lowest ones. At the same time, unlike a dynamic campaign, we could lead users to the category page, showing the assortment.

In September 2018, we were finally able to achieve the desired results: advertising revenue increased significantly, and the SAE dropped to 3.54%.

Further optimization

The peculiarity of working with a low-cost strategy and working with broad match keywords is a large number of untargeted search queries. We have to regularly review search queries and add new negative keywords to the account.

This is where routine optimization processes come into play: we look at keywords, ads, and campaigns in terms of cost per conversion, add a budget where the price is minimal, and reduce bids or budget where the price is higher than the average for the account.

The results of advertising activities are affected by the seasonality factor. For this company, the peak season is in May, so we showed the best result in May 2019.

The best result:

  • revenue increased by 123.1%, with an increase in advertising costs by 113.4%.
  • SAE decreased by 4.2%.
  • ROI increased to 4776.80%.
case-picture case-picture case-picture
What is the share of advertising in website revenue?

Most of the revenue comes from regular visitors. However, the share of revenue from paid advertising is constantly growing. In September 2017, it was 14.41%, and in October 2019, it reached 30.44%. Accordingly, we managed to double the constant inflow of new solvent users. The maximum value was reached in August 2019, when the share of revenue from paid advertising reached 41.02%.

Overall dynamics of advertising results
  • Revenue increased by 288%
  • SAE decreased by 3.2 times
  • ROI increased by 243.2%
case-picture case-picture

We have been working with this project for over two years. We are committed to long-term cooperation and are constantly improving the results throughout the entire period of work.
We are looking for growth points for the project. Our analysis showed that by strengthening search engine optimization and connecting the Google Shopping service, the results could be better. We offered and discussed this recommendation with the client, but they decided not to implement it at the current stage of cooperation. Anyway, as you can see from the above data, we show maximum results under the conditions agreed with the client.

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