In 1 year, ROI reached 9791% for the online store of clothing and shoes

About the project

Spazio is one of the first fashionable multi -brand stores in Kyiv located in the heart of the capital. Created according to the project of Italian architects, its space occupies two floors with a total area of 2,000 square meters. For 15 years, SPAZIO has been offering its customers the most relevant world labels, introduces new names and opens up future stars of international fashion. Today more than 100 brands of women's and men's clothing, shoes and accessories are collected here. Among them there are such flagship collections as ACNE STUDIOS, OFF WHITE, STONE ISLAND, MM6 MAISON MARGIELA, MARC JACOBS, THEORY, GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND and democratic offer from C2H4, GANNI, ETUDES, FILLING PIECES, WON HUNDRED, IRO, DRKSHDW, IRO, ALPHA INDUSTRIES.

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Analysis period:

November 2018 - November 2019

Goals and objectives:

- Using digital marketing tools to attract new customers to the site
- Increase the total income of the site.

Results for 1 year:
  • Income growth: 1,5 times
  • CPA decrease by: 81,6%
  • Reached ROI: 9791%
Features of the project:

1. For the buyers of products ""Spazio"" the price does not play a decisive role. The emotional saturation and brand value come to the forefront. Therefore, it is important to convey the idea of the brand to potential buyers using the information channels suitable for this.
2. In addition, the segment of such buyers is quite narrow, so the task of finding the target audience becomes complicated.
3. The audience is very demanding of the convenience and quality of the service.

A comprehensive approach matters

Shopping in SPAZIO store does not belong to the type of spontaneous ones due to a high average check.

36% of users visit the site more than 10 times before the purchase. To clarify the number of visits to the transaction we used Google API, and saw the following:

  • 17% – more than 30 times,
  • 196 transactions are made by users entering the site more than 100 times,
  • And only four users visited the site more than 200 times before making a transaction.

For successful promotion in such sphere correct settings in the advertising account are not enough. It is important to use a combination of tools and use each of them to achieve the right goals:

  • To work on the brand awareness video advertising, advertising in the display network and a paid promotion of the Facebook posts were used;
  • In order to make transactions, targeted advertising on Facebook, Google search advertising and Google Shopping were used;
  • To return the remarketing at Google and Facebook, who have visited them;
  • To return those who are already clients of Viber, E-mail, SMS mailing. This channel is effectively used by SPAZIO internal specialists team.
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Targeted Advertising on Facebook

The warmest audience for Spazio on Facebook are those who are interested in brands of goods presented on the site and those who have previously visited the site and added “goods to the cart”. But due to the fact that the announcements were shown to the same users, at some point Facebook stopped attracting new customers, and we faced the task of finding a new solvent audience.

Search for a new target audience: the main point is to test

Based on the portrait of the target audience, we selected a list of interests of Facebook visitors and showed them the company’s announcements. For testing, we chose 8 types of audience by interests and 6 look-a-like types. After testing, we determined the audience that caused the greatest response, and scaled this advertising campaign (increased the budget), and the rest of the advertising campaigns were turned off. Look-a-Like audience showed a response, but the ROI of this advertising campaign was low. Thus, thanks to the tests and assessment of the ROI, we were able to find a new audience that provided the company with the influx of new customers.

Work on brand awareness

In addition to targeted advertising for the purpose of making purchases, we also launched video advertising on Facebook and Instagram in order to increase audience coverage and introduce the brand to users, and also used a paid promotion of posts.

As a result, we received a stable growth of subscribers and marks “like” to the page, so it indicates the interest of the collected audience in the brand. Such users behave actively and this has a beneficial effect on the coverage and price for a click because involvement is one of the important factors when starting advertising.

The results that target showed:

  • Increased involvement by 1.48 times
  • Increased coverage by 117%
  • Increased income by 320%
What are the advantages of advertising in social networks?
Mobile Application Advertising

Objective: promoting of the application in Facebook and Google networks.

The audience of the premium segment is demanding for the service quality and comfort in usage. Taking into account that site visitors often make repeated purchases it is important to take care of the maximum convenience of interaction with the company’s products. Therefore, Spazio developed a mobile application where you can choose a product and make an order.


It is also worth remembering that it is more convenient for some users to use the site than the application. Therefore, both the site and the application should be adapted for mobile devices.

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By optimizing advertising, we were able to increase the number of installations by 2 times, and reduce the price of one installation by 1.55 times.

At the same time, the price for installing the iOS application is 4.27 times higher than the price for installing the application on Android. But at the same time, according to Firebase, the income from the purchases of iOS users is 5.7 times higher. This coincides with our assumption that the target audience of buyers is the owners of iPhone.

Google search ads

The main difficulty in working with such advertising campaigns is that the brands of products are constantly updated. In order to quickly add new brands to such advertising campaigns, we wrote a special script that receives information from the site about changes in brands and generates ads for each new brand. The resulting file can be downloaded via Google Ads Editor.

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Google Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping is an intellectual tool from Google which shows goods with price cards in the display network only to those users who belong to the target audience of the company. In order this tool to be effective it must be correctly “trained”, otherwise the algorithm will not be able to separate the target audience from the inappropriate.

The most important thing in such training is that in the Google ADS account inappropriate actions are not considered as conversions (for example, the intermediate stages of the way to purchase). In addition, you need a certain number of perfect conversions so that Google has enough data for statistical processing.

This training is greatly promoted by the launch of a brand advertising campaign (for example, “buy a skirt in Spazio”). The purchase price in such advertising campaign is the same, and the audience is the most targeted. Smart shopping announcements are formed on the basis of a feed from Google Merchant. Therefore, we took advantage of the transformation rules to improve the description of the products and increase the attractiveness of ads.

The results shown by Shopping:

  • Reduced CPA (price per conversion) by 81.6%
  • Increased income by 487%
  • Increased ROI by 241.5%

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As a result, Smart Shopping has become the main source of attracting new buyers to the site while the purchase price is one of the smallest, in second place after branded search advertising.

Why is Google Shopping considered a top-end tool for an online store?

SEO-optimization allows not only to increase the amount of organic traffic, but also to increase the conversion coefficient into the transaction for the site in generaln.

After technical audit we found errors in AMP-pages setting, the correction of which led to the start of such pages ranking.

In addition, a large number of doubles were discovered on the site useless search engine result pages. At the same time, all filters cannot be closed from indexation, because then the user could not go to the desired page when requesting a type {skirt} + {product brand}. Together with the developers it was possible to solve the problem without touching important filters.

The main difficulty in promoting Spazio: the most convertible keys contain the name of production brands. Therefore,the focus ad to be directed to general requests and to the products of those brands that are always available.

Show the traffic growth diagram

To increase the influx of organic traffic we chose a list of keys gradually displayed in the TOP-10 (the chart shows the percentage of occurrences of promoted search queries)

Having displayed the site to the TOP according to key requests, we increase the influx of new interested visitors and increase income, so we can include this tool to advertising in order to make transactions. But, when calculating the profitability of the channel, we must not forget that good SEO-optimization reduces the price of click in contextual advertising and allows you to win the auction more often; In addition, the optimized site is more convenient for the user, and this factor affects the conversion coefficient in the transaction for any promotion channel.

How quickly can I raise the site in the top?

We successfully coped with the task of searching for new sources of attracting customers and, despite the complexity of premium clothing topics, were able to increase the total income by 1.5 times and get ROI in November 2019 - 9791%.
The folowing steps helped us to show such results:
- constant testing (audiences, keywords, creatives, new types of advertising);
- the use of high-tech ways of promotion (launching Smart Shopping and its correct training, using a parser to generate ads, Shopping tags on Instagram, dynamic remarketing);
- high-quality content (we are grateful to the customer for a large number of high-quality and diverse creatives and videos, as well as for the timely provision of materials);
- And of course, an comprehensive approach (work on brand awareness, omnichanality).

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Cost of targeted advertising
Complex Digital-audit

Standard work:

  • Site audit;
  • Audit of social networks;
  • Analytics of user data;
  • Audit of advertising campaigns in Google Ads/Facebook Ads;
  • A report on the profitability of marketing channels and recommendations on how to improve the results.

The bonus you will receive:

  • Recommendations on how to increase the conversion of the landing pages of the site;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • A rapid project launch within 3 business days.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget

Comprehensive digital-marketing

Standard work:

  • Analysis of topics, competitors and target audience;
  • Internal optimization (technical audit, work with the site structure and content);
  • Technical factors study;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External optimization (link building profile);
  • Development of an effective advertising strategy for Google Ads and Facebook Ads;
  • Search advertising campaign;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Remarketing/dynamic remarketing;
  • Google Shopping + Smart;
  • Creatives development from 2 sets of 10 sizes each (for Google Ads);
  • Creatives development from 2 sets in 2 sizes (for Facebook Ads);
  • A monthly dynamic report in Data Studio by KPI.

The bonus you get:

  • Setup and installation of Google Tag Manager, Enhanced E-commerce Google Analytics and Feed, to run Google product campaigns;
  • 10 000 UAH to your Google Ads account (only for new accounts);
  • Increasing the conversion of the landing pages of the site;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Rapid launch of the project within 3 working days.

*Price is for agency work, not including advertising budget

Turnkey SEO promotion

Standard works:

  • Analysis of the topic;
  • Internal optimisation (technical audit, work with website structure and content);
  • Working out technical factors;
  • Work with semantics;
  • External website optimisation (building up the link profile);
  • Analysis of the results and preparation of recommendations;
  • Dynamic report in Data Studio on the return on investment.

You will receive a bonus:

  • Setting up and installing Google Analytics;
  • Increase the conversion rate of website landing pages;
  • A separate team for your project;
  • Fast project launch within 3 business days;
  • Growth of positions in key queries;
  • Increased traffic and reduced cost of customer acquisition.

*The price is for the agency's work, excluding the advertising budget

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