Corporate identity development for a manufacturer of homebrew machines

About the project

Aquagradus™ is a homebrew shop and manufacturer of homebrew machines located in Kharkiv. All equipment is manufactured in one place, at its own production base, under continuous control at every stage.



Term of execution:

23.11.20 - 14.12.20


- Change the shape and color palette;
- To get rid of associations with sanitary ware manufacturers;
- To convey the following messages through the logo: a modern hobby with traditions, creating warmth and comfort with one's own hands, manufacturability and excellent service.

  • Number of items: 11
  • Time frame: 2 weeks

Market Analysis
  1. The main trends in the design of moonshine stills packaging: the image of the idea behind the logo, colors that convey the company’s atmosphere.
  2. Many competitors use 1 to 4 color elements in their logos.
Target audience

Men from 30 years old, they can be: hunters, fishermen, builders, businessmen practicing homebrewing as a hobby.

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Client Ideas
The identity included the following items:
  • Cap
  • Apron
  • Glass for beer
  • Glass for whiskey
  • Stickers for new mail boxes
  • Scotch tape in 2 sizes
  • Social networks (Facebook cover, cover for YouTube channel, Highlights, feed, Story)
More about corporate identity
Social Media
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The cost of creative services
Logo development

  • Market and competitor analysis;
  • Development of corporate colours and graphic elements;
  • 3 logo concepts;
  • There are 2 corrections.

Corporate identity development

  • Market and competitor analysis;
  • Development of naming (if necessary);
  • 3 logo concepts;
  • There are 2 corrections;
  • Development of a corporate colour scheme;
  • Development of corporate identity elements (identity);

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